Nadia brings out the SASSiness at Artform

Nadia brings out the SASSiness at Artform

In the words of Monk, “Good friend better than pocket money” and Nadia Batson’s friends definitely showed up and showed out at the Soca Diva’s concert, Artform, last Wednesday night.

This is the second year Batson hosted the event with her all-female band SASS, and anyone who attended the event held at Estate 101 would agree that she gave a memorable performance, one that had patrons saying, “Ah coming back next year.”

Like a true Soca Diva, Batson opened the show in a hooded, purple two piece, glittered, outfit with long, curly locks. But that look lasted only for the first half of the show. Batson switched her outfit for the second half and returned onstage in a modern Marilyn Munroe bob, which took second place to the body suit that showcased the “Caribbean Girl’s” curves.

She performed many of her hits taking patrons way back with “One Island”, “Caribbean Girl” and “No Pressure” then moving to some of her most recent hits such as last year’s “So Long” and “Catching Feelings”, then bringing it forward to 2020 with “Skinner Park”, “Kiss” and “One Mission”. She could not leave the stage without performing her biggest soca hit of the season “Fatt”, which sent the crowd, particularly the women, in a frenzy.

During the performance, Batson thanked her fans for their support as she began to tear up on stage. But her speech paused the momentum only a short while, before she continued her performance bringing up many of her friends during the night: Terri Lyons, fellow member of SASS, Mical Teja, Patrice Roberts, Hey Choppi, Voice, Kees, Lyrikal, Dev, Shal Marshall and Farmer Nappy.

Batson even brought a few friends on stage from the islands including Teddyson John from St. Lucia, Skinny Fabulous from St. Vincent and Runi Jay, the reigning 2019 Power Soca winner from Grenada.

The Artform proved to be a concert full of love, friendship and the celebration of women.

See below IzzSo’s rating of Yorke All Inclusive Fete:

IzzSo Fete Meter 2020
Decor 9
Food & Drinks 8
Vibe 10
Crowd 10

The top three Performances of the night were –

  • Nadia Batson
  • Kees
  • Lyrikal