Murdered woman identified by father

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Murdered woman identified by father

The body of the woman whose body was discovered in Cunupia last week Thursday has been identified as 26-year-old Jana-Marie Moore. Her body was identified by her father.

Police used an abandoned car found in the area where the body was discovered, to track down relatives of Moore. They discovered that the vehicle belonged to one of Moore’s relatives, who lent her the car. She was last seen in Sangre Grande.

Last week Moore, originally from Phase 6, La Horquetta, was found in Ramcharitar Trace with gunshot wounds to her face. Her hands were tied and there was a gag in her mouth.

Autopsy reports confirmed that she died from gunshots wounds, and that the killing may have taken place early Thursday morning.

No motive has yet been given for her murder.

Police are continuing investigations.