Murder in Princes Town – unidentified man gunned down

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Murder in Princes Town – unidentified man gunned down

Princes Town police are currently investigating the murder of an unidentified man on Thursday morning.

The incident took place at Craignish Village around 8:45am.

Residents told police they heard screeching sounds and then saw two cars in an apparent chase at Cyril Mohan Trace.

They then saw the victim, who is of African descent and a woman get out of one of the cars, a Nissan Almera and start running towards the nearby avenue.

It was then reported that a gunman of East Indian descent got out of the other car and chased and shot the victim multiple times as he tried to jump over a wall at Seegobin Avenue.

The woman who had been with the victim, allegedly returned to the Almera and drove off. Her whereabouts were unknown up to midday on Thursday.

Investigators are expected to view CCTV footage for assistance into the crime.

Anyone with information about the killing can call police at 999, 555, or Crime Stoppers at 800-TIPS (8477) or the Commissioner of Police at 482-GARY (4279).