Murder in Brazil Village; 22-year old gunned down

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Murder in Brazil Village; 22-year old gunned down

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the murder of 22-year-old Christian Stoll of Brazil Vilage.

Stoll of Jai Ramkissoon Housing Settlement in Brazil, was found with multiple gunshot wounds around 11:20pm last night.

According to a report, police officers responded to a report of a shooting at Gomez Avenue, Brazil. On arrival at the scene, they found Stoll lying on the roadway with multiple gunshots to the head and body.

Stoll’s friend reported that they were walking along the roadway in Gomez Avenue, when they saw a man clad in dark clothing and a red face mask stooping down in the vicinity of Jan’s Mini Mart. As they approached him, the man stood up and pointed a gun at them shouting: “Don’t move!”

Stoll’s friend ran off, leaving Stoll behind.