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UPDATE: Murders in West Trinidad overnight

Murders in St. James and Diego Martin last night have pushed the murder toll to 457.

Around 7:30p.m, 17-year-old Obar Antoine of upper Bournes Road, St. James was shot in Belle Vue, St. James close to a playing field. Reports indicate that a man who drove a silver YARIS jumped out of the car and shot Antoine several times before escaping with the vehicle. Neighbours responded shortly after and found Antoine lying on the ground in a pool of his own blood. Police and emergency responders visited, and the District Medical Officer declared Antoine dead at the scene.

Today, while awaiting his autopsy results at the St. James Medical Science Comples, his relatives said they advised him against socializing with certain people. But, they said, the teenager still associated with known criminals and may have been killed as a result.  They also said he may have been killed because he entered the wrong territory in Belle Vue, as the community had been split because of warring gangs.

In another incident, 33-year-old Derrick Valentine of Covigne Road Diego Martin was at his home with his family around 9:00p.m when two gunmen entered his house. They shot at Valentine several times before escaping.  He was taken to the St. James Infirmary where he died while undergoing treatment. No motive has yet been given for his death.

Police are continuing investigations.