Municipal police attend seminar on strengthening the service

Municipal police attend seminar on strengthening the service

The Minister of Rural Development and Local Government Kazim Hosein municipal police service can only move forward as one service if they work together and respect each other’s views and opinions.

Hosein was speaking at the commencement session of a Municipal Police Team Building Seminar at the Old Marabella South Secondary School on Wednesday.

The two-day seminar is the first of its kind in the history of the Trinidad and Tobago Municipal Police Service and is geared towards strengthening the synergies throughout the force.

During his speech, Hosein issued a reminder to those present of the importance of working together and with the best interest of the citizens at the forefront.

“As officers of the law, you must let your voices be heard in order for the progress of the service. However, while giving feedback, it is also important to maintain respect in how you provide suggestions. What is being done here is a commendable step as we continue to chart the way forward and I am very honoured to be a part of it.”

He assured, “I want you to know that you have my full support and that of the Ministry as we seek to elevate the Trinidad and Tobago Municipal Service.”

Also in attendance were Permanent Secretary Desdra Bascombe who said, “Training is like a gift; you can either take it out now and again or you can efficiently use it consistently and, in doing so, experience all of its benefits.”

“This training seminar is critical and I am very happy that we are able to facilitate it. These sessions will be utilized to better formulate the initial 90 days action plan requested by the Honourable Minister which is due in two weeks’ time.”

Also addressing the attendees was ACP Sagramsingh who said that the training is an ideal opportunity for the police service to “put our minds together in order to efficiently draft a document that will take the Municipal Police Service forward.”

The team-building seminar is being facilitated by Senior Superintendent Curtis Belford who is also responsible for Strategic Training and Development at the Municipal Police Academy in Marabella.

The central  focus of the two-day training seminar is to conceptualise a proposal consisting of short, medium and long-term measures to be implemented throughout the TTMPS.

Also in attendance were Senior Superintendent Cecil Santana, Senior Superintendent Curtis Belford and the 14 Commanders of the Trinidad and Tobago Municipal Police Service.