Mt St. Benedict to contact woman who claims rape by priest

Mt St. Benedict to contact woman who claims rape by priest

The Incorporated Trustees of the Mount St. Benedict have responded to a video which is now viral on social media, of a woman who claimed she was sexually abused by a priest from the Church.

In a ten-minute video posted to social media, the woman claimed that the priest raped her when she was seven years old.

She said the priest threatened to kill her if she told anyone, adding that she stayed quiet at the time for fear that no one would believe her

“Who would even begun to think that this child could tell this story and people would say she lying because they don’t believe children…that is the stigma.”

She said the rape occurred at St. Bede’s Vocational School, adding that the accused was teacher and a priest.

“And then I started to wonder who God they really serving if you’re telling me you would kill my whole family and you take my innocence away from me.”

In response to the video, the Trustees said the accusations are “deeply disturbing to us and are currently under review; we shall continue to monitor our policies and controls to prevent incidents of this nature.”

On Thursday, the board posted an update to its Facebook page stating that the monk was formerly associated with the Mount Saint Benedict Monastery and St. Bede’s Vocational School.

“Mount Saint Benedict takes the allegations raised in the video very seriously and strongly condemns harassment and abuse of any kind. Such actions are contrary to the principles and teachings of the Church and monastic life.”

They said they will contact the young woman concerning the contents of the video and have extended their prayers and support to her at this time.