MSJ wants gov’t to reconsider SoE extension

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MSJ wants gov’t to reconsider SoE extension

Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) political leader, David Abdulah is totally against any extension of a State of Emergency.

In fact, during a virtual news conference on Sunday, Abdulah said the current SoE was never needed and he is questioning the motive for the planned extension.

The Prime Minister is set to ask the House on Wednesday to extend for three more months (until late November) the SoE, with the extension needing just a simple majority.

Abdulah said, “We’re very concerned that the government is going to use the extension of the SoE as a mechanism to control the population who is increasingly dissatisfied with the way in which the government has managed the economic crisis, and the social crisis, in the country.

“It is that failure which they are seeking to cover up by extending the SoE…as a fig leaf, as a smokescreen for their failure.

Abdulah said “What Covid has exposed is all of the weaknesses and problems of our society. As we mask up to deal with Covid, Covid has unmasked the problems that the country has.”

He is calling on the government to reconsider its position.

“There is very little to support, in terms of evidence, the necessity of a continuation of a state of public emergency.”

Instead of extending the SoE to fight covid19, Abdulah said the government should focus on improving its communication strategy to get people vaccinated.