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MSJ Leader David Abdullah says ” Government has not delivered on 2019 ‘Game Changer’ promises

Political Leader of the Movement for Social Justice David Abdullah says that the government has failed to deliver on its six point ‘Game Changers’ promise in the last budget of 2018-2019. He said the Finance Minister last year identified six areas including:
1] The Dragon gas fields adding to gas production and revenue, which has not materialised because of socio-political issues in Venezuela
2] Buoyancy in the Capital markets, through the initial NIF offering , which was executed,
3] Resolution of the Petrotrin issue, which has now been awarded to Patrotic Energies & technologies ltd, which Mr. Abdullah says will not be able to be fully operational inside of six to twelve months,
4]The Sandals Tobago project which has crashed,
5] New dry dock and ship building faciities which have not even reached the stage of receiving Certificates of Environmental clearance (CEC’s) and
6] State of the art Fast Ferries for the Trinidad & Tobago sea bridge, which are due in 2020.


Mr. Abdullah also said he does not foresee any change in the prices of fuels since there has been no significant increases in global prices, in addition to stressing the importance of government making a definitive statement of long overdue payments of VAT refunds and outstanding payments to contractors and public sector workers.
He was speaking on Power 102’s budget 2020 coverage, on the Power Breakfast Show earlier this morning.