MP Foster Cummings responds to WhatsAppGate

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MP Foster Cummings responds to WhatsAppGate

The UNC needs to come better than that. The discussion between Members of Parliament in a parliamentary caucus is, and should be, private and confidential. It is in this forum that the PNM concretizes its position on important matters, as a democratic organization that values the views of all members, particularly those who represent constituencies and advocate for their concerns. However, when a policy position is arrived at, having distilled all those views, each Member of Parliament stands solidly behind the collective position. It seems that this type of democracy is foreign to the operations of the UNC. This, however is the PNM- and we have always held in highest regard the opinions of those who represent the people. As General Secretary of the PNM, and member of Parliament for La Horquetta/ Talparo, I firmly support the Prime Minister, the Minister of National Security, and the decisions taken to keep our population safe. I applaud our Government’s expert handling of a difficult and challenging COVID-19 situation, the result of expert leadership and teamwork, for which the PNM is well known.

Foster Cummings, MP