MP calls for more resources for regional corporations to assist flood victims

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MP calls for more resources for regional corporations to assist flood victims

After heavy showers lead to flooding over these past few days in several communities, most notably Sangre Grand and Cumuto/Manzanilla, MP Rai Ragbir is now calling on Government to allocate sufficient resources to the regional corporations so that necessary equipment could be utilized to assist persons affected by flooding in North-Eastern part of Trinidad.

In a release, Dr. Rai Ragbir lamented what he described as “the current disastrous effects of the inclement weather ravaging the constituency of Cumuto/Manzanilla.”

Ragbir said assistance is critical if a proper response to the crisis is to be mounted.

“Without this, the burden now falls upon untrained constituents and bystanders to assist these [marooned] persons, just as occurred wherein the staff at the MP office along with others, had had to assist such persons stranded in their motor vehicle on the Eastern Main Road,” he states in the release.

The Cumuto/Manzanilla MP commended those members of the public who have joined in rescue and clean-up operations.

“The lack of assistance from any State agencies left residents helpless and the burden falling on them to remove debris and other items that caused further impediments along the roadways,” he pointed out.

The MP identified several areas in his constituency which were badly affected by this week’s inclement weather:

-Guaico Tamana – Nestor Village, La Tosca, Jarasingh
-Bonair Road – Sankar Trace
-Cunaripo – Gheeraw Trace, De Gannes and Jawahir, Mosque, Samlalsingh flat
-Little Cora
-Coalmine – Sheppard Lane, Lovers Ville, Veronica Boulevard, Superville flat, Baker Trace
-Sangre Chiquito – Tantra Terraces, Lezama Trace, Paradise Lane, Seecharan Park
-Manzanilla Main Road
-St. Marie Emmanuel Road
-Cumuto Main Road
-Plum Mitan
-North Oropouche & Leemond Road
-San Louies Road Guaico

According to Dr Rai Ragbir, the effects of the recent inclement weather are further exacerbated by several factors: Illegal Land Development – diverting natural water courses, deforestation, reclaiming of land along riverbanks; Illegal Quarrying / Logging – blockage of water courses, displacement of water from natural sources; Squatting – building on the riverbanks, disruption of natural flora/fauna; Reduce Mitigation Measures by Ministry of Works and Transport – drainage department, dredging and cleaning of water courses, adequate resources to be given to the Regional Corporation, lack of continued maintenance; Indiscriminate dumping of bulk of waste into water courses; Rural Discrimination and Rural Neglect

The Cumuto/Manzanilla MP is calling on all concerned to come together to remedy these issues, and recommends: Proper dredging of local waterways – widening and deepening of the rivers; Cleaning of the water ways; Regular maintenance of the waterways; Education on the effects of dumping waste irresponsibly; Adequate allocation of resources to the Regional Corporation