MP Anita Haynes Welcomes UNC Executive Elections

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MP Anita Haynes Welcomes UNC Executive Elections

Welcome news is how Member of Parliament for Tabquite, Anita Haynes, describes the announcement of the United National Congress’ National Executive Elections.

MP  Haynes says over the next few weeks, the UNC will have the opportunity to demonstrate to all members and the wider public the strength of its internal processes and commitment to democracy.

She is looking forward to participating in this process of strengthening the party and engaging its membership.

The MP believes the successful execution of this election will invigorate the party and put it on a stronger footing to contest the upcoming general election.

She is also excited for the campaign ahead and the policy-based platforms that will emerge as  the UNC highlight plans to further strengthen and build the nation.

It is the MP’s view Trinidad and Tobago is well poised to level up the maturity in the  politics.

She is hoping the UNC exemplify much-needed shift towards policy-based platforms, respectful debate and the widespread participation of our fellow citizens.