MOWT launches digital inspection sticker system

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MOWT launches digital inspection sticker system

The next step in the digital transformation of the Licensing Division is here.

This as the Ministry of Works and Transport launched its digital inspection sticker system, which will be available at 65 locations by May.

Rohan Sinanan, Minister of Works and Transport, along with Transport Commissioner, Mr. Clive Clarke, Mr. Richard Baillie Manager of the Ministry’s Information Technology Unit and Mr. Rishi Sookhai owner of Sookhai’s Diesel Service Limited were present at the launch of the new Electronic Vehicle Inspection System (EVIS).

This new system forms part of the Licensing Division’s digital transformation with the integration of technology to improve the delivery of services for the inspection of vehicles. This will ensure that all vehicles are road worthy, thus contributing to a safer transportation network The EVIS includes the use of handheld devices equipped with specialized software that remotely connects to the Licensing Division providing access to accurate, real-time data.

Customers will also receive a new inspection sticker inserted with a barcode that provides access to shared information among all stakeholders, such as the TTPS and the Licensing Division.
Members of the public can now look forward to enhanced transparency, greater efficiency and more accuracy. This service will soon roll out to approved private garages nationwide.

Sinanan said “In order for a vehicle to get this (new) sticker, they must present themselves at one of the pits or an inspection garage.

“I am happy today to be working on the transformation of licensing. To date, we can boast that almost all the services at licensing office will be able to be done online and information will be available in real time.”

He said garages would no longer have to go to licensing to collect stickers as they would now be able to order them online.

He also said, while there were 65 active sites preparing to launch, 19 were active and already delivering the electronic stickers but the ministry was trying to have as many as 100-125 inspection sites and encouraged anyone who wished to become an inspection site to go online and apply.

Sinanan said about 95 per cent of existing vehicles have been added to the new system. The cost of the inspection, he said, remained the same at $300.

Transport Commissioner Clive Clarke said the new system would allow for accountability, transparency, safety, and data validation.
“Vehicles can now be accessed on the nation’s road with handheld devices. Enforcement officers can now verify your information by the sticker on the nation’s road (and) can also verify if your sticker matches your vehicle.”