Motorcycle cop saves life of another baby

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Motorcycle cop saves life of another baby

In what is being described as a “miraculously divine intervention and calling,” PC Darion Thomas has yet again saved another woman and her baby.

This time, it is 18-year-old Bryanna Alvarez of Reserve Road, Sangre Grande, and her six-weeks-old baby girl, Amaya Alvarez, who were in distress, frantically encountering a near-death experience.
While on the beat last Friday in the Sangre Grande district, the motorcycle cop, attached to the Eastern Division Traffic Section, responded to a report of a child experiencing difficulty breathing.

Upon arrival at the family’s home, the first responder met Alvarez, who was emotionally overwhelmed as she felt helpless, looking on as baby Amaya’s grandfather, Wesley Alvarez, held his granddaughter in his arms, struggling to breathe.

PC Thomas further observed baby Amaya’s face blue in colour and her eyes closing while having faint to no responses.
A plan of action was immediately initiated.

The family was instructed to board their neighbour’s car and PC Thomas directed the driver to put on the headlights and hazard lights in his motor vehicle as he escorted the grandfather, mother and baby safely to the Sangre Grande General Hospital where doctors and nurses instantly responded, resuscitating and stabilising the child.

Later that afternoon, both mother and baby were discharged from hospital and are both “doing well.”
“Thank God for this officer, if it wasn’t for him, we would have never reached in time to the hospital and my baby would have died in the car,” a tearful Bryana Alvarez said.
“Her face started turning blue. I’m so grateful to this officer. This officer does look so serious when you see him on the road but, he have a heart of gold,” she added.

Mother Alvarez continued: “When I saw the officer on the bike coming, all I could see was like an angel coming to help my baby. Thank you, PC Darion Thomas.
I also want to thank my neighbour, Johnny Williams, for assisting in transporting us to the hospital and Allison Green for her assistance as well. I also want to thank WPC Merissa Wright-Garib for also coming to the hospital and ensuring we were okay and she also ensured we got home safely, not forgetting my mother, Joyce Dickson, who is always there with me. Most of all, I want to thank God.”

Following the incident, PC Thomas visited and met the overjoyed young mother and her family at their home and even held baby Amaya in his arms.
“It’s all part of my job,” he sallied.

PC Thomas performed a similar rescue on Dec 2, during which he saved 36-year-old Kim John and her newborn baby girl who were stuck in gridlock traffic while in car birth along the Eastern Main Rod, Sangre Grande.