Mother Kali found, returned to Carli Bay

Mother Kali found, returned to Carli Bay

One man has been detained for questioning after a five-foot murti which was stolen over the weekend, was discovered in his house.

On Sunday, the murti of the Hindu goddess, Kali, was reported stolen from a shrine in Carli Bay.

The murti was installed over a year ago to protect fishermen in the community, after a group of fishermen went missing at sea.

Residents in the area said that they would go to the murti to do worship.

One resident said, “We allowed people from outside of the community to come and pray to the goddess. So when the women went to do worship on Mother’s Day the murti was not there and they alerted us.”.

Police acting on a tip went to a house in Claxton Bay where they found the murti.

The suspect was taken in for questioning for his act of sacrilege.

The murti has been returned to its home place in Carli Bay.

Mother Kali (or Devi)  is the Hindu goddess of time, death and doomsday.