More than 100 Haitians Deported the Bahamas

More than 100 Haitians Deported the Bahamas

In a recent turn of events, the Bahamas has deported 95 Haitians including six kids from the island in an immigration exercise.

On June 3rd. the Bahamas Immigration officially announced that the Haitians, including 22 ladies, were deported from New Providence to Port-au-Prince.

The activity was undertaken by a joint group of officials from the Royal Bahamas Defense Force and the Immigration Department, assisted by a volunteer from the Bahamas Red Cross Society.

Senior Immigration Officer Wyberg Brown said the immigrants were flown back to Haiti on board a Bahamasair charter flight with all Ministry of Health (COVID-19) safety protocols rigorously upheld “as the health, welfare, and safety of our officers, law enforcement counterparts, and migrants remain our top priority in this COVID-19 environment”.

The Department of Immigration said it stays focused on completing its order to battle illegal migration by setting up compelling border control management to ensure compliance with the country’s statute laws.

Haitians, a considerable lot of whom live in shantytowns, have on many occasions overcame the treacherous seas to arrive in the country on unseaworthy boats. Although, many have died during the journey.