More Headway In 2022 For Port Of Spain Revitalisation Project

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More Headway In 2022 For Port Of Spain Revitalisation Project

On schedule and on target, this is the latest assessment regarding the Revitalization of Port of Spain project.

Minister of Planning and Development, Camille Robinson-Regis, gave the update as Chair of the Revitalization of Port of Spain Ministerial Committee in a media release on Tuesday afternoon.

The committee held its third meeting in February 2022.

Minister Robinson Regis said a key aspect of the project is the relocation of the homeless in Port of Spain.

It was revealed a proposal is receiving the attention of Cabinet regarding land acquisition in Port of Spain to facilitate this relocation.

A study for the rationalization and modernization of City Gate is also currently being undertaken, led by UDECOTT.

It is anticipated that a final report will also be produced within the second half of 2022.

On the aspect of tourism, Government is exploring concepts for a monument for Ariapita Avenue, which will serve as a major attraction for the local and foreign tourist market.

This is a follow up to a public consultation which was conducted in May 2021, to share and gather views and ideas regarding plans for the Avenue.

The Minister of Planning also added that Requests for Proposals have already been submitted for mixed use developments regarding the Salvatori Site and the Piccadilly Street Housing Development.

In terms of opportunities, Government’s construction activities related to the Port of Spain Revitalization Project aim to hire in the region of at least one thousand persons on the short to medium term.