Moonilal wants President to intervene after Hinds orders Griffith “to stay at bay”

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Moonilal wants President to intervene after Hinds orders Griffith “to stay at bay”

Oropouche East MP, Dr Roodal Moonilal, is calling on President Paula Mae Weekes to immediately intervene in the drama between National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds and Acting Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith.

This follows the revelation by Hinds in the Senate on Friday, that he told Griffith to remain “at bay” until the expiration of his leave on September 20th.

Moonilal stated that Hinds must be fired if he instructed that Griffith not resume duties as top cop.

He stated that the PSC must also indicate whether they were stopped by the political directorate in August from submitting their recommendations to the President for the top CoP after their legal and administrative process was completed.

Moonilal stated that the President must request that Commissioners explain whether they took orders from Hinds to instruct Griffith not to resume duties.

“If this is confirmed, the President must dismiss the Commission members for acting in contravention of Trinidad and Tobago’s Constitution,” stated Moonilal.

According to Moonilal, the move to arbitrarily send the incumbent Commissioner of Police on extended vacation is “unconstitutional, tyrannical, and a dangerous precedent”.

He added, “Mr. Hinds must be summarily fired for flouting the Constitution and acting in an authoritarian manner. The meddling by politicians in the terms and conditions of employment of a public officer, and, especially, the holder of the sensitive post of Police Commissioner is unacceptable and egregrious. In the name of honouring the enshrined constitutional rights of citizens, the President must step in now.”