Moonilal to President: “Were you aware of Nelson pardon?”

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Moonilal to President: “Were you aware of Nelson pardon?”

UNC deputy leader, Dr. Roodal Moonilal, has called for President Paula-Mae Weekes to officially tell the country whether she was involved in the alleged agreement to provide a Presidential pardon to Vincent Nelson.

This after a report in yesterday’s Trinidad Express Newspaper claimed that Nelson’s statement of claim filed in the court alleged that then Attorney General, Faris Al-Rawi promised him a presidential pardon.

Nelson claimed that his attorney (Roger Kawalsingh), via text on June 18, 2019, confirmed that Al-Rawi indicated that the Government of T&T had agreed on granting the pardon.

He claimed to have been told that that the process would be would be fast-tracked to have President Paula Mae-Weekes provide the pardon within one month of him being sentenced.

Speaking on UNC’s social media, Dr Moonilal enwuired as to whether Her Excellency had any knowledge of or agreed to this planned pardon of Vincent Nelson since the President must sign off on all Presidential pardons.

Dr Moonilal questioned whether Mr Nelson was set to be included in part of the plan to pardon 60 prisoners for T&T’s 60th Independence celebrations.

He described the entire affair as a scandal which could speak to the undermining of the Office of the President.