Mom of two gunned down in full view of motorists, pedestrians

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Mom of two gunned down in full view of motorists, pedestrians

A 47-year-old mother of two was shot dead yesterday and a man seriously injured in San Juan yesterday.

The incident was said to have occurred in full view of passing motorists and pedestrians.

According to police reports around 2.10 p.m. Roxanne Reyes-Barrow, of Ninth Avenue, Barataria, and Quincy Williams, 29, were standing outside a bar located next to a children’s clothing store owned by Reyes-¬Barrow, near the corner of the Eastern Main Road and Sixth Avenue, when they were approached by a gunman wearing a cover¬all and a blue-coloured hat.


The man drew a gun, pointed it at Reyes-¬Barrow and opened fire while Williams, who was next to her, sustained a gunshot to his back. The gunman then ran east along the main road and escaped.

Nothing was taken from either Barrow or Williams.

A one-minute-and-48-­­­­second video appeared on social media almost minutes after, showing Barrow being placed into a private car and taken to hospital while Williams was seen on the ground bearing a gunshot wound.

Investigations are continuing.