Mohit: Minister Cox should resign for insensitive ‘greed’ comment

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Mohit: Minister Cox should resign for insensitive ‘greed’ comment

Chaguanas East MP, Vandana Mohit, has slammed the Minister of Social Development and Family Services, Donna Cox, for the “greed” statement she made relative to the aborted hamper distribution at South Park, San Fernando on Friday.

Hundreds turned up for the food hamper distribution drive, organised by the South Park Plaza. However, due to a lack of social distancing and the large numbers, the event was eventually called off.

Minister Cox, when asked about beefing up her ministry’s own hamper initiatives, in light of what occurred, said “there are some people in need and some in “greed.”

Mohit said the minister’s comment is a poignant realization of how the PNM Government views the poor and needy of this country.

She said “What is even more startling is the downright vilification of hardcore PNM areas that are not required at this time to vote and therefore can be trampled upon with impunity.”

“The statement from Minister Cox portends the inhumanity of this PNM regime, since it is evident to all that this country is on the brink of collapse as demonstrated by high levels of unemployment, lack of capital injection, and no foreign or domestic expenditure whether through the covid-19 pandemic or the Government’s malaise and mismanagement.”

“The Minister of Social Development and Family Services should be fully cognizant of the deleterious circumstances occasioned by these events on the population.”
Yet, against these background circumstances the Minister chastises the poor and needy, openly and callously ascribing greed on their part in their quest for food hampers.”

Mohit said “How insensitive and downright uncaring; this is not the time for such a heartless and brutal person to be in charge of the Social Development portfolio.

She added, “The Minister must demit office immediately, either she tenders her resignation or be relieved of office by the Prime Minister. No amount of apologies will suffice”.
“The current situation requires someone with compassion, love and empathy towards a population on a precipice of economic starvation.”