MOH sets the record straight as it relates to ANSA McAl statement

MOH sets the record straight as it relates to ANSA McAl statement

Following the release of a lengthy statement on Monday from the ANSA McAl company, as it relates to its attempts to procure Covid19 vaccines for this country, Health Minister Deyalsingh has responded.

In the release yesterday, addressed to the “ANSA McAL Family”, chief executive officer (CEO) Anthony N Sabga III said that on February 17th, the Ministry asked top business leaders to “fund vaccines and public vaccinations”.

The Government had reportedly negotiated the direct purchase of 351,000 doses from Pfizer for US$8.4m and had to confirm the order the next day or lose it.

Mr Sabga says his company offered to fund the entire cost, but asked that sufficient forex be made available for the purchase and that tax credits for 2021 be given to all the private-sector companies involved.

The statement then went on to quote a letter from Mr Terrence Deyalsingh dated February 26th, in which he commended the ANSA’s efforts to support the national health response to the pandemic.

However, in a release issued today, the Health Ministry said letters of appreciation were sent to various private-sector firms in recognition of their support and contributions during the COVID-19 period of 2020.

The release added “It is unfortunate that the contents of this letter are being associated with the procurement of vaccines in 2021 when that was not the intention of the letter.”