MoH Procures Surplus Vaccine Doses; Rollout Of Booster Programme To Be Announced

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MoH Procures Surplus Vaccine Doses; Rollout Of Booster Programme To Be Announced

The Ministry of Health is advising the public it is currently reviewing the National COVID-19 Vaccination Programme and is actively considering the issuing of booster doses to fully vaccinated members of the public in the near future.

The Ministry says through the ongoing COVID-19 vaccination programme it has amassed a strategic stock of about 690,625 COVID-19 vaccine doses.

In a media release on Tuesday, the Ministry said this figure includes two shipments acquired over the past three weeks that were in excess of 235,000 COVID-19 vaccines from the following sources:

151,200 doses of Johnson and Johnson Vaccines from the African Medical Supply platform (November 6th 2021)

84,000 doses of Sinopharm Vaccines through the COVAX Facility (November 27th 2021)

The Ministry said its COVID-19 response continues to be proactive and ever-evolving in order to protect the population and prepare for any unforeseen eventualities.

As such, this present stock of vaccines is deliberately in excess of the national requirement, given the unpredictable nature of COVID-19 and the frequent emergence of variants of concern.

The Ministry of Health said it will provide further information on the launch and rollout of the COVID-19 Booster Programme as soon as the details are finalised.

It said the public is also reminded vaccination combined with effective public health measures are effective in reducing COVID-19 transmission and saving lives and livelihoods.