MoE sets up district health unit to monitor for Covid19 in schools

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MoE sets up district health unit to monitor for Covid19 in schools

Over a dozen nurses have been contracted to man a district health unit, which has been set up by the Ministry of Education to help monitor for Covid-19 cases among schools in education districts.

The unit, which was approved by Cabinet, would be staffed with 14 nurses and a doctor. Two nurses will be assigned to the educational districts as district medical teams and will be the liaison between schools and the ministry’s other units and to share information with principals and supervisors.

Tobago will make its own arrangements, the ministry’s states in the guidelines.

The unit will also be responsible, in collaboration with the ministry’s Health and Safety Unit, to ensure arrangements are in place at schools for covid19 protocols to be enforced.

“The district medical team will be the first response in the event of an emergency at school.”

“The crisis management team at each school must keep abreast of research and best practices as they relate to the reopening of schools and advise the School Based Management Team accordingly. Discussions should also be held with targeted stakeholders for general assistance and for dealing with covid19-related emergencies.”

Schools reopen on February 8, for secondary students, Forms 4 and 5, and April 13 for primary SEA students.