MoE distributes 4,000 laptops to various schools

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MoE distributes 4,000 laptops to various schools

The Ministry of Education (MOE) distributed its first tranche of laptops (4,000) to 12 principals from various schools across the country on Monday.

Education Minister, Nyan Gadsby-Dolly said ensuring that all students have a device is critical for students to move in the direction of the education sector globally and locally as education has moved digital.

She said the MoE is expecting a next tranche of about 4,300 devices either this week or early next week.”

According to Gadsby-Dolly, this will give our children the chance to survive in this world. “In this education world they must have a device…before this time, you would tell them put away your devices, put away your phones and get down to your work, this is the time now where they have to pick those things up.”

She said her ministry still has far to go, but they are going to ensure that students have what they need to transform the education sector and survive this global education crisis.

“We look forward with hope to some physical school in September, we look forward to the benefit these devices will bring to our students.”