Minister visits QRC ahead of schools reopening on June 8

Minister visits QRC ahead of schools reopening on June 8

In preparation for the re-opening of secondary schools to teachers and students, Minister of Education Anthony Garcia and officials from the Ministry visited Queen’s Royal College to see first-hand some of the health and safety measures that have been implemented.

Last week Friday, Garcia said that teachers and students may need to visit schools during the period June 7-30 to complete the SBAs where necessary, “and give much support as possible.”

During the walkthrough of the compound, the school’s principal David Simon, took the team through the hand washing protocols on entry to the compound and seating set up in classrooms to facilitate social distancing.

He also outlined enhanced sanitation measures throughout the school and identified spaces where additional sinks will be placed to ensure that students always have access to hand washing facilities.

Education Minister Anthony Garcia, washing his hands just before the QRC school tour

The Ministry of Education issued memoranda outlining the measures that should be implemented by principals in preparation for stakeholders accessing schools.

The Minister’s visit allowed for various departments within the Ministry to evaluate the effectiveness of the protocols being implemented.

Garcia said, “A top priority of the Ministry of Education has always been the health, safety and security of students. I am very pleased to note that in our schools principals have implemented the necessary recommendations made by CARPHA, the WHO and the Ministry of Health.”

He said he was very impressed by what he had seen, “as it tells me that our principals have the best interest of all school personnel at heart.”

In speaking about the undertaking of school preparedness, the Minister also stated, “QRC is the first stop as we assess schools’ readiness across the country. We at the Ministry intend to ensure that no student is disadvantaged in the pursuit of education for any reason.”

“We will continue to guide principals and teachers as much as possible with the support of the relevant Units and Divisions across the Ministry.”

Education Minister Anthony Garcia in conversation with Principal of Queen’s Royal College David Simon and Advisor to Minister Garcia, Cheryl Ann Wilkinson.

The team also visited Newtown Girl’s RC Primary School to discuss with a principal at the primary level some of the protocols to be implemented at that level.

Teachers and students are expected to return to schools from June 8th 2020 to facilitate the completion of SBAs.

Teachers and principals were reminded that social distancing is still being observed and teachers should not have more than five persons in a classroom at a time and should be interacting with students on a rotational basis.