Minister Stuart Young : “Crime statistics frightening “

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Minister Stuart Young : “Crime statistics frightening “

While making his contribution to the Bail Amendment (No.2) Bill 2019, Minister of National Security Stuart Young describes this year’s crime statistics as “frightening” but also said law enforcement remains strong in their fight.

He added for the period January 1 to November 25 there were 480 murders this year. Since then, there have been four more murders, pushing the total to 484.
He continued to reveal the astounding statistics that of the 480 murders as of Monday, 86 were unknown, 148 definitely gang related, 60 revenge, 53 drugs. In addition he said the 53, the 60 and the 148 because to him all were basically also gang related.

Minister Young stressed that 80 per cent of the murders committed in Trinidad for the year are through the use of firearms and about 99 per cent through the use of illegal firearms. That is the reality of what we are facing”. He made the points to underscore the need for the Amendment to the existing Law.

He commended the work of the TTPS adding that it is “startling” and “frightening” that for the year the police have arrested and charged 1,138 people for possession of firearms and ammunition.