Minister of Youth working on initiatives to nurture next generation

Minister of Youth working on initiatives to nurture next generation

Fitzgerald Hinds is grateful for the opportunity to serve his country again and has vowed to do his part in providing opportunities for training and development for the nation’s youths.

The newly appointed Minister of Youth Development and National Services, said he was excited to be part of a ministry where he could enact change in youths and looked forward to creating new opportunities in every sector of TT’s economy.

In an interview with the Newsday, Hinds said he intends to strengthen existing youth training programmes while implementing new initiatives aimed at nurturing the next generation of leaders and thinkers, as he assumes his role at the head of the new ministry.

Hinds said he was optimistic the ministry would be an effective anti-crime initiative as it would work against criminals who seek to recruit impressionable youths.

He said: “This ministry will touch on all aspects of national life and therefore I will be expected to work closely with the Ministries of Agriculture, Community Development, Sport and Digitisation because technology deals with young people.
“The aspects of National Service involves matters of reafforestation and the occupation of young people in productive and positive activities.”

Hinds said they would also like to re-establish the youth camps as “The existing facilities I expect will be repurposed and have them more suitable for the work we must do.”

“I also want to see programmes in all communities organised by the new ministry where young people can be able to attend 24-hours a day, so even if you’re working during the day you should be able to go to a centre where a tutor is there to make tuition available to you and that’s the kind of thing I envision.”

Programmes like the Military Led Academic Training (MiLAT), the Military-led Youth Apprenticeship Programme (MiPAT) and the Civilian Conservation Corps which were previously under the Ministry of National Security would now be the responsibility of the Ministry of Youth Development.