Minister Hinds intends to re-energise modernise youth camps

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Minister Hinds intends to re-energise modernise youth camps

Minister of Youth Development and National Service, Fitzgerald Hinds, accompanied by Permanent Secretary Farook Hosein and Deputy Permanent Secretaries, Marcia London-McKellar and Claire Davidson-Williams, toured the Chatham Youth Development Apprenticeship Centre, on Saturday 12 December, 2020.

Minister Hinds and his team were greeted by Camp Director I, Steve Barras and given a tour of the 300 acre facility, which was originally established in 1966.

The tour was extended to the dormitory and training rooms, as well as an inspection of the administrative and livestock facilities.

During the visit Minister Hinds said “We are intent on re-energizing, expanding and modernizing these facilities. They will host hundreds of our youth and develop them into productive and civic-minded entrepreneurs and contributors.”

The Youth Development and Apprenticeship Centre (YDAC) which is set to receive much needed upgrades and modernization, houses approximately 150 trainees at each intake.  These trainees, as part of their programme, assist in rearing the animals at the Centre.

Minister Hinds and his team are currently touring facilities under the Ministry’s purview in an effort to get a comprehensive understanding of their requirements.

The Ministry has two Youth Development and Apprenticeship Centres and is set to establish two new Centres that will add to its mix of Youth Facilities.

The Ministry of Youth Development and National Service (MYDNS) says it remains committed to promoting youth development.