Minister Donna Cox Meets With TTPOST To Discuss Service Delivery

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Minister Donna Cox Meets With TTPOST To Discuss Service Delivery

The delivery of the Public Assistance Grant, Senior Citizens Pension, Disability Assistance Grant and Food Support cards and the Direct Deposit Initiative were some of the issues discussed during a meeting held between Minister of Social Development and Family Services, Donna Cox and representatives of the Trinidad and Tobago Postal Corporation Monday.

The discussion was centered around strategies for collaboration, with a focus on a more integrated approach in order to meet their various mandates.

The Ministry is encouraging the use of the Direct Deposit option, where funds for Social Welfare grants will be deposited directly to the recipient’s bank account.

According to Minister Cox, “This initiative will ensure clients receive their grants quickly and safely, and it will also reduce the number of stolen cheques and possible fraud.”

The Minister also expressed concern about the issue of missing cheques and the undue hardship that this brings upon our clients who are vulnerable and in need of the support.

During the meeting, TTPost outlined the procedures that have been put in place to ensure the safe delivery of Senior Citizens Cheques, including tighter internal processes and more secure operations.

TTPost said the organization is currently investigating the encashment of dead persons cheques and is collaborating with the Ministry on putting an end to this practice.