Minister calls on local government bodies to provide accountability to the public

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Minister calls on local government bodies to provide accountability to the public

Rural Development and Local Government Minister, Kazim Hosein said citizens have been complaining about inefficient service delivery from the local government bodies and he is calling for an improvement in productivity.

The Minister hosted a historic meeting with all Mayors/Chairmen and Chief Executive Officers of the 14 Municipal Corporations on Wednesday, together with personnel from our state agencies to address concerns relating to management and productivity.

The meeting, held at Kent House, Maraval, was geared towards upgrading and standardizing the current procedures in order to improve the systems at the local government level.

Recommendations were invited from the Mayors/Chairmen and CEOs on possible avenues that can be implemented to improve productivity and encourage efficient management across the 14 Municipal Corporations, state agencies – Rural Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (RDC) and the CEPEP Company Limited, as well as at the Ministry.

Hosein reminded those in attendance that proper management is a driving factor of productivity.

He said, “For years I have been listening to the cries of citizens on the inefficient service delivery from the corporations…It is clear that there is a management problem within the 14 corporations and we are here today to start the process of finding solutions to these problems.”

He said while he understands possible financial constraints, they have a duty to provide accountability to the public.

He reminded the officials of the importance of teamwork, “…whether you sit on the political or administrative arm.

“We all have a job to do that will directly impact the output of our organisations. Let us put aside our differences for the sake of service to the people and by extension our country, so that we can achieve the most as local government practitioners.”