Mindwise, NALIS and PAHO-WHO launch Wellness Corner for Young Adults and NCRHA

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Mindwise, NALIS and PAHO-WHO launch Wellness Corner for Young Adults and NCRHA

The National Library and Information System Authority (NALIS) recently partnered with MindWise Project, PAHO-WHO and the Ministry of Health to launch the NALIS WellnessCorner at the Young Adult Library, National Library, Port of Spain.

The event took place on Wednesday, November 30, 2022.

The NALIS Wellness Corner project is a part of the #DoYourShare for Mental HealthCampaign, a regional initiative being implemented locally by MindWise Project on behalf ofPAHO-WHO with the coordination and support of the Ministry of Health of Trinidad and Tobago.

The campaign is about breaking the stigmas associated with Mental Health. Focused on young adults, the wellness centre at the library will provide a relaxing space forsharing and resources on mental health. NALIS and MindWise, along with its partners intend to facilitate programmes in the library on relevant topics on an ongoing basis. All of the partners for the Wellness Corner have identified the great role spaces such as these could play in STIGMA Reduction, in particular for our young people here in Trinidad and Tobago, where we have so many terrible losses to suicide in that demographic. There will also be the launch of a Youth Mental Health Bookshelf, where mental health books and periodicals for youth and young adults, can be accessed, borrowed and shared. Partner contributions to this resource are welcomed.

The Minister of Health, the Honourable Terrance Deyalsingh and Dr Michelle Harris, Advisor, Noncommunicable Diseases and Mental Health PAHO-WHO Trinidad and Tobago, Aruba, Curacao, Sint Maarten, Bonaire, St Eustatius and Saba, Maria O’Brien, Chairwomanof MindWise Project and Charmaine Glasgow, Director, Public Libraries Division, NALIS delivered remarks at the launch.

On the same day at 2pm, the second #DoYourShare Wellness Bench dedicated to healthcare workers and students was launched at the NCRHA Mount Hope Medical Sciences Center- by Dr. Erica Wheeler PAHO-WHO, Country Representative, Dr. Gerard Hutchinson representing the NCRHA and LaShaun Ramdin MindWise Project, Dr. Patricia Lee Cooper.

This project was a collaborative and passionate expansion of the PAHO-WHO Regional#DoYourShare Campaign, which is being executed here in Trinidad and Tobago by MindWise Project, PAHO-WHO and the Ministry of Health of Trinidad and Tobago. Healing Through Art

This first part of this project was the “Healing through Art” exhibition, launched at the Rotunda Gallery in partnership with the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago in October in celebration of World Mental Health Day 2022. This exhibition had over 70 artists sharing their story as part of this amazing healing through art exercise for our local community. The focus of this regional campaign is Stigma reduction, and the leadership at MindWise believes that by creating a HOME for mental wellness in the NALIS Library for Young Adults, we are creating a beacon for connectedness and sharing, which is the foundation ofsupport seeking and community building that serves our collective mental wellness.

MindWise, PAHO-WHO and the Ministry of Health are proud to support the work being done by the Librarians and Administrators of the NALIS Young Adult Library. Where, young adults come to seek safe spaces and connected spaces for learning and social growth. They have had creative projects such as the poetry corner, cultural celebrations and havemany more developmental programmes planned for the new year. #END#