Millions of parents using “Pause the internet

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Millions of parents using “Pause the internet

If you have children of school age and tried homeschooling recently, you’ll know that it’s not always a good thing when kids go quiet in front of a tablet or laptop.

You might think that they’ve finally decided to do some work after hours of protesting, only to get closer to their screen to see that they’re watching YouTube or scrolling through social media.

It happens to us all, but if you don’t have time to stand over your kids and police their activities, you may be interested to hear about Circle parental control products, which will allow you to be in control of what websites your children can access when they’re surfing the Internet.

More than half a million households have used Circle parental controls in the past year and its installed on about 3.5 million devices.

Parents love the app’s Focus Time feature, which allows them to set designated school time slots in which anything that the child doesn’t require for school is blocked.

The control is completely flexible so Focus Time can be set for those working at home to access Zoom and Slack, for example, but not videos.