Migrant registration program gets another extension

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Migrant registration program gets another extension

National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds has revealed that the Venezuelan migrant registration program has received another extension.

During an interview on i95.5FM’s Eye on Dependency programme over the weekend, Hinds announced that he had approved a total of 9,133 applicants.

Just under 500 were not recommended, as there were breaches in the law on the part of those applicants.

The minister said there are now 4,710 pending applications.

Hinds said that since the start of the Migrant Registration Programme in April 2019, the Government has decided to continue extending it every year.
He said it should be noted that it only benefits those illegal migrants who were here before the programme, as those who come in illegally afterwards will be deported.

Under the programme, approved migrants would be able to work in this country for one year.

When the first registration was done, there were approximately 16,500 migrants.

But Hinds said since then things have improved in Venezuela and many of them have opted to return home.