Microsoft working to end Outlook and Teams outage around world

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Microsoft working to end Outlook and Teams outage around world

Microsoft says it has reversed a “network change” that it thinks may be linked to tens of thousands of users worldwide being unable to access its services, including Teams and Outlook.

Downdetector, which tracks website outages, showed more than 5,000 people in the UK reporting Outlook emails not working on Wednesday morning.

Other services including Teams and Xbox Live were also reported as not working.

Microsoft said some users had reported the problem had been addressed.

“We’re continuing to monitor the recovery across the service,” it said, noting that some customers were reporting improvements.

Though some users are still reporting problems to Downdetector, the total number is now in the hundreds rather than thousands worldwide.

Previously, Microsoft said the problem was related to “networking configuration issues” and it was analysing the best way to address it without affecting other users.

The firm also said it was investigating an issue with its cloud computing service, Azure, affecting what it called “a subset of users”.

Many businesses rely on products like Azure to help power their own services.