Mexican Mayor marries alligator as part of ancient ritual

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Mexican Mayor marries alligator as part of ancient ritual

How far would you go to serve the people of your community?

Well…a Mexican mayor has married an alligator as part of an ancient ritual to bring prosperity to his town.

Victor Hugo Sosa, Mayor of a south-western Mexican town called San Pedro Huamelula showed his commitment to his culture by marrying an alligator known as “little princess” as part of a ritual that is supposed to bring prosperity and abundance to the town.

Since pre-Hispanic times, indigenous villagers in this town have believed that the alligator represents a deity and that the marriage between this earthly god and their leader will bring about an abundance of resources to support the local fishing industry.

The lavish ceremony was accompanied by dancers and ceremonial songs with the small alligator dressed in white custom made outfit with an accompanying veil.

This is a yearly occurrence in the town of San Pedro Huamelula, with every new mayor required to marry a budding alligator.

Luckily enough for the Mayor, the alligator’s snout was tightly tied shut…probably to spare any mishaps during the “Kiss the bride” part of the nuptials.