Meta may soon get its own currency in the form of ‘Zuck Bucks’

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Meta may soon get its own currency in the form of ‘Zuck Bucks’

Meta could be getting its own currency in the form of “Zuck Bucks.”

Metaverse is set to create its own payment system and currency through payment tokens, which company employees refer to as “Zuck Bucks.”

The New York Post reports Meta’ ‘Zuck Bucks’ would not be cryptocurrency but an in-app currency managed and controlled by Meta.
Just like other forms of payment, Zuck Bucks will be used for making transactions. In addition, another financial product Meta is cooking up is “social tokens,” which it would potentially award to Facebook users who do good deeds via Facebook social groups. “Creator coins” is also another concept that may be implemented for influencers on Instagram.

While there are no updates on these finance-based ventures, a spokesperson for the company said it is always thinking of new ideas.

Meta’s spokesperson said they will continuously consider new product innovations for people, businesses, and creators. As a company, we are focused on building for the Metaverse and that includes what payments and financial services might look like.”