Met says prepare for more rains, flooding today!

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Met says prepare for more rains, flooding today!

The public is being warned that impactful weather isn’t over yet.

The T&T Meteorological Service upgraded both the Adverse Weather Alert (for Trinidad and Tobago) and the Riverine Flood Alert (for major rivers of Trinidad) to Orange Level.

This change in alert level means that severe impacts are now expected.

The Met Office said in their third update of the Adverse Weather Alert that the country could be impacted by rainfall greater than 25 millimetres, gusty winds exceeding 55 KM/H, street/flash flooding, landslides, and agitated seas as rainfall continues into Monday.

The Riverine Flood Alert is in effect for the Caroni River, the North Oropouche River, the Caparo River, the Nariva River, the Navet Dam/Reservoir, the Ortoire River, and the South Oropouche River. It went into effect on Saturday and remains in effect through today.

There is also an Orange Weather Alert in effect.

The Met Office says prepare for heavy showers or thunderstorms today with gusty winds and street flooding likely.