Met Office Issues Riverine Flood Alert – Orange Level

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Met Office Issues Riverine Flood Alert – Orange Level

The Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service, at 6:55am on Thursday, issued a Riverine Flood Alert #2 – Orange Level indicating thar continuous rainfall overnight has pushed major watercourses to critical thresholds and some may be close to overspilling or already doing so.

Areas affected: major watercourses of Trinidad, including the North Oropouche, Caroni and South Oropouche. Watercourses in Tobago, including the Crooks and Darrell spring rivers.

It further said periods of heavy showers, rain and thunderstorms are still expected. This additional rainfall, in combination with spring tides, can keep the river levels elevated and there now exists a severe risk to public safety, livelihood and property.

Smaller water courses over both Trinidad and Tobago are also elevated and can burst their banks with additional rainfall.

The Met Office advises persons to finalize preparations to protect lives, livelihoods, and property. Activate safety plans. Secure food, water, and medicine for at least 7 days in waterproof containers. Protect important assets and documents. Do not take unnecessary risks.

Follow the instructions of government officials. Monitor official sources for information. More information: ;