Men in court for sex acts against nieces, 12, 14

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Men in court for sex acts against nieces, 12, 14

Two men, ages 41 and 43, appeared before a San Fernando and Siparia Magistrate yesterday charged with sexually touching and penetrating their three nieces.

In the first matter at the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court, an unemployed 41-year-old man, of Diamond Village, San Fernando, was denied bail, after being charged on July 13th by WPC Maison-Marshall, of the Southern Division Child Protection Unit (CPU), with two counts of sexual touching and one count of sexual penetration of his 12-year-old niece.

The matter was postponed to August 11th, 2021.

According to police reports, on December 28th, 2020, the girl was at home watching television when the accused held on to her hand, pull her towards a chair and began touching her inappropriately on her breast.

The man, the police was told, fondled her and inserted his finger into the girl’s private part.

The girl confided to CPU detectives that her uncle told her not to tell anyone.

The girl’s uncle was later charged with the offences. In the second matter at the Siparia Magistrates’ Court, a self-employed 43-year-old man, was granted $350,000 bail with a surety and was ordered to stay away from the Penal area and 500 feet away from his 12-year-old and 14-year-old nieces.

According to the 14-year-old girl, while in bed in October 2020, a man entered the room and placed his finger into her private part.

The girl also alleged that similar acts occurred between September 30th and November 2020, in February 2021 and also in March 2021.

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The man was charged with two counts of sexual touching and penetration against the girl.

Meanwhile, the girl’s 12-year-old sister, reported to police that in March 2021, while standing behind a stall opposite her home, the accused allegedly inserted his finger in her private part.

He was subsequently charged with one count of sexual penetration of the girl.

The accused will reappear before the court on August 9th to answer to the four charges laid by Cpl (Ag.) Callender of the South-Western Division CPU.