Men awaiting trial for Dana Seetahal murder granted bail

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Men awaiting trial for Dana Seetahal murder granted bail

NINE men awaiting trial for the murder of Senior Counsel Dana Seetahal have been granted bail on the gang charges against them in the magistrates’ court.

On Friday, Magistrate Kerianne Byer granted bail to alleged gang leader Rajaee Ali and eight of his other alleged gang members when they appeared at a virtual trial.

Those granted bail were Ali, in the sum of $500, 000;

Devaughn Cummings, in the sum of $300,000; Ricardo Stewart in the sum of $350,000; Earn Richards in the sum of $300,000; Leston Gonzales in the sum of $500,000, Gareth Wiseman in the sum of $500,000; Hamid Ali in the sum of $300,000; Kevin Parkinson in the sum of $500,000 and Roget Boucher in the sum of $350,000.

They all have to surrender their passports and report to the nearest police station in the district where they live everyday.

The charges against the group were reinstated following a Court of Appeal decision in 2020 after the court set aside a magistrate’s order to dismiss the gang charges.