Medical Association Head: “Let paediatricians vaccinate children”

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Medical Association Head: “Let paediatricians vaccinate children”

“Let paediatricians vaccinate children.“
That’s the call from Dr Vishi Beharry – President of the Medical Association.

He is suggesting to the Ministry of Health that general practitioners who see children, as well as paediatricians who do normal vaccinations, be the ones to administer the shots to the 12 to 18 student population.

In light of the Prime Minister’s call for parents and guardians to bring their charges over 12 years to be vaccinated to facilitate the physical reopening of schools, these medical professionals should get some Pfizer covid 19 vaccines to administer to their patients, even if they are not sentinel physicians.

The Prime Minister outlined yesterday that Trinidad and Tobago was now in receipt of a donation of 300,000 doses of Pfizer vaccines from the US on Thursday morning.

Previously, Dr. Rowley said as Pfizer was the only vaccine approved by the World Health Organization for use in children, any of the vaccine received by TT would be reserved for students aged 12 to 18.

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh in early July announced that 64 sentinel physicians would receive 15,000 vaccines to administer to private patients free of charge. He later said the initiative would be expanded to a further 50 doctors.