Measures coming to deal with events on private property

Measures coming to deal with events on private property

The Health Minister has revealed that measures will soon be put in place to deal with large parties on private property.

Speaking at the sod-turning ceremony for the Health Ministry’s new headquarters at Queen’s Park East, Port of Spain, Minister Terrence Deyalsingh said that he will be meeting with the CMO and the legal department to put together a task force of public health inspectors to address the covid19 pandemic.

Deyalsingh said “The task force will be working with the police to go into private property under the public health ordinance, because it speaks of an imminent threat. If we feel there’s an imminent threat, we can take action and we will take action, because apparently that’s the only thing people will respond to. Unfortunately this is what it has come to. I’ve had a conversation with Minister Young as to how we could use existing legislation to disperse people in their private settings. Unfortunately, it has come to that, which is very unfortunate.”

These new measures are being forced into play following the irresponsible events this past weekend, where a “zesser” party with over 200 patrons was shut down in Caroni and social media footage of a large wedding in Valsayn wedding.

Deyalsingh said “People just don’t get it.”

Deyalsingh said there is currently space in the public health sector, but this would not be the case if infected people spread the virus.