Mayaro MP says time for greater action against domestic violence

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Mayaro MP says time for greater action against domestic violence

Mayaro MP Rushton Paray says that The hacking to death of a Guayaguayare woman yesterday must serve as yet another urgent call for action on domestic violence.

He said Trishanna Mohammed was a devoted mother of her three children. Her murder, and that of other victims of domestic violence, should provide a further wake-up call for people who are threatened in personal relationships to quickly reach out to the relevant authorities.

However he maintains that the Police Service must also become more responsive to such reports and must improve its efficiency and operating systems.

He said he’s been told that the Gender-Based Violence Unit at Sangre Grande has no public access telephone contact, so reports are to be made to the nearest Police Station. But there are testimonies in many cases, there are claims that officers are friendly with the abusive domestic partner, so victims are fearful of lodging official reports in person at Police Stations.

He has called on the administration of the Police Service to revamp its reporting system and provide additional relevant resources to deal with this scourge of domestic violence.

This he notes, is also essential since evidence over the years have proven that Protection Orders are generally useless in deterring criminally minded domestic partners.