Maxi taxi drivers threaten nationwide shut down


Maxi taxi drivers threaten nationwide shut down

Maxi taxi drivers are threatening a shut down across the country if school maxi taxi drivers are not paid.

One of the drivers who works the general public route said if the school drivers are not paid by Monday they, too, will not work. It seems the school maxi taxi drivers have not been paid since September, although invoices have been submitted to the Public Transportation Service Corporation (PTSC). Some drivers have not been paid for almost a year.

An estimated 300 drivers within the maxi taxi service are school drivers and they said that they have made the sacrifice over the past four years to ensure students get to school each day, especially with exams around the corner.

But they threaten that they will not come out to work next Monday, if the PTSC does not set up a meeting with them by Friday. This will affect students whose exams are expected to begin next week. It will also affect the general travelling public as the maxi taxi drivers who work the public route are willing to stand with their comrades, to ensure there concerns are heard.