Master P and son Romeo spill family drama unto social media

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Master P and son Romeo spill family drama unto social media

Master P and his son Romeo Miller are currently embroiled in a family dispute which spilled over to social media earlier in the week.

On Friday (December 16), Romeo seemingly called out the No Limit Records founder over the loss of his sister when he condemned a certain father for allegedly neglecting his own child’s mental health struggles, yet publicly addressed a stranger’s similar issues.

“Today was a boiling point,” Romeo wrote. “I seen a man avoid his own children struggle with suicide and depression but post another man whom passed today that he doesn’t even know. Yall idols be lost. Better stop following the blind. Watch when it’s revealed.”

Social media users quickly connected the message to a post in which Master P reacted to the news of popular DJ Stephen “tWitch” Boss’ death by suicide on Wednesday (December 14).

On Saturday (December 17), Romeo seemingly continued to take shots at his father in the form of a poem titled “The Tree of Trauma.”

“A poem, because poetry is one of the most powerful forms of therapy. Let’s educate and break these cycles together!” he captioned the poem on Instagram. “You mental health is just like a muscle that needs to be built and treated. The next generation will grow stronger because of our truths and as a man of God, I know mines will one day too. The Tree of Trauma.”

Romeo’s poem includes a series of questions, such as: “Why is is that you can’t take the same heat as our mother can?” “Why do you feel the need to promote and hold a product on every interview just to validate your worth, don’t the people see that?” and “How come it took my daughter being born, to finally realize that we have blindly been feeding the enemy?”

On Sunday (December 18), Master P took to Instagram to issue a response to his son, who he said he hasn’t spoken to “in months.”

“This new generation of kids need to stop blaming their parents for everything. How do they think they got to where they are without their parents making sacrifices for them?” P started his post. “Mental illness is real and so many families are tragically affected by it especially when there is added trauma like death of a loved on.”

After advising that social media isn’t a good place for healing, P turned his attention to Romeo. “Son, I love you. Stop trying to get people to feel sorry for you. And let’s come up with a solution,” he wrote. “You can come talk to your father and your family, like a man, you have kids too. No family is perfect but together with God, we can heal and get through this.”

The caption to the post read: “I wouldn’t wish this on no parent, especially when you try to do everything you can for your kids.@romeomiller What’s the plan? You are either part of the problem or the solution. I love you and the door is always open for you but I won’t tolerate disrespect. I havent talked to you or seen you in months. God knows I’ve tried to do my best.”

Romeo hopped into his father’s DM’s to respond, accusing Master P of editing the caption to his post while referencing a “family meeting” that took place following the death of his sister Tytyana Miller, who died in May 2022.of an accidental overdose from fentanyl intoxication.

“@master p dad please stop reading the comments and editing your caption: I’m the one who settee [sic] up the family meeting to talk after Tyty death, that meeting was regarding as disrespectful for being transparent,” Romeo wrote in a since-deleted reply.

“I pulled up to the crib time and time after that and you deflect, I’ve texted you countless times and you reply and deflect. Social media is THE ONLY WAY YOU COMMUNICATE. Now you wanna talk. Anything to protect that image.”

In a longer second reply, Romeo said this was the “last straw” for him and asked his father to “stop trying to play the victim.”

“I loved you so much that I followed you blindly for 30+yrs,” he wrote. “You know we’ve talked behind closed doors. You aren’t the man who you paint to be and why is it war because I refuse to follow ur lead. You only want to protect your image, but the image isn’t even real. And I don’t need anyone to feel sorry for me pops, I’m truly a man of God. If you are really a man of God, then you will prevail in the end, even when I share my truth.”

The former child star then explained he’s tried to keep family issues in house but that he hasn’t been able to because Master P is “addicted to social media.” He also claimed he’s “never been paid for anything” he did as Lil Romeo, adding that his uncles C-Murder and Silkk the Shocker — Master P’s brothers — could corroborate this claim.

Master P quickly returned to Instagram with a long post questioning his son’s motives. “I thought this was about DJ Twitch and about my daughter’s death,” the mogul wrote, echoing the post in his caption. “This is heartbreaking, you just exposed that this is REALLY ABOUT MONEY.”

“I worked hard to get my family out the ghetto,” he added. “Every time I fell off I got up and went to work, I didn’t blame anyone for my failures. You started this social media rant. So what’s your plan besides showing the world you’re entitled, spoiled at 30+, and throwing a tantrum on social media.”

He seemed to bring the online conflict to a close at the end of the post, addressing both his son and the media who have caught wind of their familial spat. “I don’t care about an image,” Master P concluded. The bloggers can have their laughs this week. I’m going to keep working, keep praying and letting GOD guide me.”

As a child Romeo performed under the moniker Lil Romeo and was signed to his father’s No Limit Records imprint. He released three studio albums on the label as Lil Romeo: Lil’ Romeo (2001), Game Time (2002) and Romeoland (2004).

These days, Romeo is an actor and television personality. His most recent film is A Miracle Before Christmas, which also stars Keith David, Paula Jai Parker, LeToya Luckett and Demetrius Shipp Jr. It was released on December 8.