Massy raises funds for breast cancer with release of pink shopping bags

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Massy raises funds for breast cancer with release of pink shopping bags

From today, Massy Stores will have a limited-edition pink Massy Stores reusable bag for sale.

For every bag purchased, the company will make a donation to the Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society (TTCS) to support their initiatives.

Massy Stores’ Chief Executive Officer Roxane de Freitas said that breast cancer has claimed many lives in Trinidad and Tobago and across the world, and is affecting mainly women.

“Crucial in the battle against breast cancer is awareness, consistent screening, and early detection. That way diagnosis and effective treatment is more easily available to preserve life.”

“That is why we are focusing our efforts on supporting the TTCS (Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society) and the work that they do. If seeing a bright pink Massy Stores Supermarket bag on someone’s shoulder reminds them to go for their screening and get their routine mammogram, we would consider that success,” de Freitas said.

She added that by raising awareness of important, routine checks, Massy can hope to make a difference.

“We also acknowledge that Massy Stores Supermarkets has a part to play in helping people live healthier lifestyles through the quality of food we offer, as a holistic approach to creating a healthier citizenry” she said.

Chairman of the TTCS Dr. Asante Le Blanc said that collaborating with institutions such as  Massy Stores further brings awareness to the mission and vision of the cancer society, which aims to educate and promote screening.

She said prevention and early detection are the best weapons against cancer.

“We pledge to continue to increase access to cancer screening to all of Trinidad and Tobago. We encourage Corporate T&T to support this fight. Cancer is a lifestyle disease, and through education and screening we can be proactive and prevent the devastation of our nation by this terrible disease,” said Le Blanc.

The limited-edition pink bags will be sold at $10.00 per bag from October 1 to 31.

For each bag sold, $4.00 will be donated to the TTCS with the aim of raising over $50,000.00 for the institution.