Massy boss tells staff they are “stronger together”; stresses that executive’s claims absurd

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Massy boss tells staff they are “stronger together”; stresses that executive’s claims absurd

In the midst of memes and jokes, Massy continues to take steps to do damage control over the backlash from its executive, Angelique Parisot-Potter’s comments.

It is also reaching out to staff to further defuse the matter.

On Monday at the company’s annual general meeting at the Hilton Trinidad, St Ann’s, Parisot-Potter, Massy’s general counsel and executive vice president of Business Integrity, raised an alarm about forex being spent on an international training programme for executives at Delphi Sphere Consulting in Florida, led by Paul Dominguez and his wife Indira Dyal-Dominguez.

“Their bizarre rituals include that they can train Massy employees to communicate with the dead and that attendees can self-heal with ‘white light energy’,” she stated in a prepared statement.

However, in an internal memorandum titled “Stronger Together” to staff yesterday, Massy Holdings president and chief executive officer Gervase Warner maintained that statements made by Parisot-Potter about the company’s bizarre training rituals were more than “absurd”.

And although the company has initiated an investigation into Parisot-Potter’s concerns, it has rubbished her very claims.

The board also disclosed that it had launched an independent process to look into each of her allegations.

In his memorandum to staff yesterday, Warner stated: “We want to assure you, our Massy family, that we are appalled at the conduct of Ms Angelique Parisot-Potter and categorically deny the claims made by Ms Angelique Parisot-Potter that certainly cross into the realm of the absurd.”

He went on to emphasise that Massy’s success stems from the group’s family and “our people with our Caribbean heart”.

Warner said they were “saddened that the actions of one person” became the main takeaway that the public had the opportunity to view through the media, instead of the growth and successes of Massy over the past year.

He further urged staff to raise questions about the issue as he noted it was an “uncomfortable situation”.

“We are confident, that like my any family, we are stronger together, and so we encourage you, should you have any concerns or questions with respect to what is certainly a very uncomfortable situation for many of you, as you interact with customers, family and friends, that you reach out to the leadership within your portfolio and ask any questions or express any concerns you may have.

“We also encourage that within any huddles and team meetings, you encourage open conversation to address this situation and let’s lean on each other,” Warner stated in the memorandum.