Martin Daly S.C. “We have not managed the illegal migrants situation well”

Martin Daly SC

As Trinidad & Tobago’s General Elections 2020 heads into the home stretch of campaigning, there are many unusual variables which this and every other country expecting elections are confronting.

Izzso media spoke to former Independent Senator Martin Daly S.C. on a number of these issues. He said he is worried about the new covid-19 cases identified in the past few days, especially in the lead up to elections:

Mr. Daly also said that we have not managed the spread of illegal migrants into the country, given the suggestion that this is one of the problems many feel is contributing to the new cases, however the illegal migrants should not bear all the blame:

He does not feel the postponement of the general elections will make much sense in the context of Covid-19 because under the provision in the Constitution, while ‘infectious disease’ is referenced as a possible reason, there is also a clause which limits the postponement to thirty (30) days, which may not actually solve the dilemma.
He also expounded on the requirements for such a possible postponement:

Mr. Daly also commented on the issue of having Commonwealth Observers in the country for the elections, and if the country should bear the cost to quarantine the observer mission. He also said there are other options available but it’s all a matter of perception:

On the issue of the debate on if S.E.A. should also be postponed, he said that “Closing all schools now is justified for two reasons, including containing the spread among the S.E.A group of children and levelling the playing field in that no one has the disadvantage of less preparation for the exam because their particular school was closed while others were open”.