Marsha Sewdass reignites women with life coaching and new book

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Marsha Sewdass reignites women with life coaching and new book

Life Coach, educator, consultant and motivational speaker Marsha Sewdass is helping the women of her native T&T and beyond in becoming empowered and achieving their highest potential via her unique brand of life coaching and her latest book entitled ‘The Best is Yet to Come: Don’t Waste a Day!’.

A self-described realist Marsha incorporates a solutions-oriented approach into her specialized style of Life Coaching delivery which is best defined as an infusion of professional skills, personal development, spiritual awakening, life experience and nurturing.

For Marsha, the motivation to enter this field of life coaching and to give support and inspiration to women suffering in silence came from her personal journey of being at the darkest points in her life and rising from the ashes like a blazing Phoenix (with the right guidance and assistance).

In her work, she draws on valuable lessons learnt in various capacities i.e. as a woman, daughter, mother, wife, sister, single parent, friend, student, employee, leader and friend.
She uses her strengths as an educator, her training as a journalist and her passion as a humanitarian to fulfil her divinely-instructed duty to be a true helping hand.

As a Life Coach, Marsha tackles a variety of topics with her clients which include but are not limited to:- Mind-Set Empowerment, Forgiveness, Limiting Beliefs, Resilience, Release, Confidence Building, Fear, Self Love, Decision Making, Goal Setting, Health & Spirituality.

She is member of Complementary Therapists Accredited Association and has created tailored coaching programs, served as contributor to various media outlets and show segments and has collaborated with coaches from other countries such as Barbados, the USA, Bali and Botswana.

Now wearing the hat of internationally published author, Marsha is currently serving the masses in a new way with her latest literary creation ‘The Best is Yet to Come: Don’t Waste a Day!’

The Best is Yet to Come, is an inspirational book which steers the reader along the path of fifty two weeks of motivational quotations. These quotations are authentic statements of empowerment, release and encouragement meant to add enrichment to the daily lives of each reader. The essence of these beautifully written quotations serves to quench the thirsty soul and nourish the spirit that is starved for divine awakening.

Regarding her motivation to write this book, Marsha who is also certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programing, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Emotional Intelligence Coaching shared, ‘The Best is Yet to Come’ is a motivational tool which was inspired by the zest and fire that I have for life. That passion needed to be shared so that the spirits in women, other sisters can be reignited. I believe that the smallest flame can disperse darkness!”

In addition to being a timeless collector’s item, ‘The Best is Yet to Come’ offers readers a means to commence their journey towards an improved future. It is positioned to appeal to women of all ages and stages of life as well as the men who love, care and support them in their lives.

‘The Best is Yet to Come: Don’t Waste a Day!’ is available in both paperback and Kindle formats on Amazon via:
For further information on Marsha Sewdass please utilize the following contacts:
(E): [email protected]
(P): 868-302-2471